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Conscious Entrepreneur Virtual Workshop 

The business transformation program will help you to activate your Natural Wisdom and Power beyond your analytical mind.

In our life it does not matter how successful or amazing we are, there is a Power which we cannot control. It does not matter how successful we are in our work or private life. This Power can take away everything from us just in a minute.

How can you be a Leader of your life? Who are you? What is your happiness? When was the last time you stopped to think about why you are on this Earth?

Many spiritual programs offer meditation to be more relaxed or take a breath from stress, but how to deal with stress and anger problems in Entrepreneurship and still feel happy? How to balance all that?

Our Business Meditation program is created from the highest level of realization practice and specialized for people who still want to act in this World but understand their true nature and act with Ease and happiness.

You will understand how you are programmed and how the matrix of Life works. You will see a new way to become a Conscious Entrepreneur, and understand how you can materialize your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

You will learn a special energy meditation which will keep you motivated and active but also will balance your energy and will open the way to your high potential. Our transformational program will lead you to experience the happiness and power from inside and how to find balance in Life through the Wisdom of Transformation. After the retreat you will have a daily routine that can bring your life to the next level and help you to see the World with a new perspective.

You will learn :

  • meditation to transform your old programs
  • connect you with the Five Level wisdom
  • breathing technique for increasing your connection power
  • highlight your past programs and activate your potential for a new future of balance and joy
  • Short daily miracle small practice that will transform all you need.



September 15 – 23, 2020 – live sessions

September 23 –  October 6,2020 – 21 day self-guided program


5 live sessions with Rozaliya

(1 session = 90 minutes)

September 15 –  9:30 am – 2:30 pm (PST) – 2 live sessions and Q&A

September 16 –  9:30 am – 2:30 pm (PST) – 2 live sessions and Q&A

September 23 –  1:00 pm – 3:00 pm (PST) – 1 live session and Q&A

Full Program


$450 – Full Program (5 live sessions with Q&A)

Family Discount – 20%

Early Bird Discount -15% (until August 1, 2020)

1 Day Program


$250 – 1 Day Program and 21 day Self-Guided Program – (1 live session on September 15, 2020)

Family Discount – 20%

Early Bird Discount -15% (until August 1, 2020)


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