Female Power Retreat

The Female Power retreat will help you to connect to your Secret Essence and activate your Feminine nature. You will practice overcoming the past programming, create a healthy rhythm for happy life, experience the 5 Element Meditation for materialization.

Fire practice to highlight your present behavior and to create new born conches experience for your journey.
– How to create happy family or to attract our partner in life
-How the intimacy affect our energy.
-Master your different role in life how to be amazing Mother, daughter, businesswoman, lover, girl and queen …..
Create Joy independent of the life events. Create your own happiness from the Wisdom of Transformation

The retreat will be three days which concludes

  1. THE SPACE: The retreat will be in a private luxury space in Malibu where we create a special crystal mandala in order for your transformation to be smooth and instant, support by the Five Elements, nature, and crystals.
  2. THE TEACHING: The retreat will be led by Prema Sagar to help you to connect to your past, the Five Elements Wisdom and a Sacred Mediation Process.
  3. THE PRACTICES: You will learn meditation to transform your past, connect with the Five Elements wisdom, and Meditation practice for female awakening and youhtfullness . Also, you will learn energy movement and dynamic meditation.

Through our three-day retreat, you will overcome the past trauma and activate your Female Power from your Wisdom and Clarity. We will be honored to go together on the Journey to Enlightenment.


Date: 25-27 October 2019

October 25 arrival in retreat house 2 pm 2019
Preparation for retreat
October 26 and 27 2019 – Retreat
Retreat will include accommodations, activities in the retreat space , vegan meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), crystal healing massage therapy, noble silence excluding the time of teaching and dinner
October 27
7 pm retreat will be complete . For those who want to stay over on the last day, we will have celebration dinner and fun.
Living the property 27 at night or 28 after breakfast
Space is limited to 20 people.

In order to attend our private retreat, you need to complete the form or contact us privately.

Price for attending this private retreat is $2,800, early bird $2,200 (buy before October 1st).  Group of 4 will receive a 10% discount.

**Attendees who purchase all four retreats at the same time will receive 30% off.**

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